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Family of George Edward Luckings and Maud E Wood

Husband: George Edward Luckings (1935-1996)
Wife: Maud E Wood
Children: Dawn I Luckings
Gary G Luckings
Karen A Luckings
William J Luckings

Husband: George Edward Luckings

Name: George Edward Luckings
Sex: Male
Father: William John Lucking(s) (1876-1953)
Mother: Annie Elizabeth Cole (1895-1968)
Birth 19 Jan 1935 West Ham, Essex, England
GRO West Ham Q1 4a 16
Census 29 Sep 1939 (age 4) West Ham, Essex, England
53 Paul Street
At School
Death May 1996 (age 61) Havering, Essex, England
GRO Havering May HA77 2341A 64

Wife: Maud E Wood

Name: Maud E Wood
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -

Child 1: Dawn I Luckings

Name: Dawn I Luckings
Sex: Female
Spouse: Gerald W Reynolds

Child 2: Gary G Luckings

Name: Gary G Luckings
Sex: Male

Child 3: Karen A Luckings

Name: Karen A Luckings
Sex: Female
Spouse: Christopher B Burrows

Child 4: William J Luckings

Name: William J Luckings
Sex: Male
Spouse: Wendy A McLean

Note on Husband: George Edward Luckings

1973 1977 telephone directory G E Luckings 5 Bexhill Walk, Stephens Road E15