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Family of Frank E Luckings and Janet Ida M Champion

Husband: Frank E Luckings (1924-2010)
Wife: Janet Ida M Champion (1927-2001)
Children: Ann J Luckings
Judith C Luckings
Helen C Luckings
Marriage Q3 1950 Surrey South East, Surrey, England
GRO Surrey SE Q3 5g 2055

Husband: Frank E Luckings

Name: Frank E Luckings
Sex: Male
Father: Herbert Ernest Luckings (1881-1966)
Mother: Harriett Beatrice Dunn (1884-1966)
Birth 18 Nov 1924 Southwark, London, England
GRO St Olave Bermondsey Q1 1d 176
Death 13 Jan 2010 (age 85) Horsham, Sussex, England
GRO Horsham Jan 7831 1004 272

Wife: Janet Ida M Champion

Name: Janet Ida M Champion
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1 Jun 1927 Hammersmith, London, England
GRO Hammersmith Q2 1a 306
Death 29 May 2001 (age 73) Crawley, Sussex, England
GRO Crawley May A54A 7801A 184

Child 1: Ann J Luckings

Name: Ann J Luckings
Sex: Female
Spouse: Michael Taylor

Child 2: Judith C Luckings

Name: Judith C Luckings
Sex: Female
Spouse: Michael H Perry

Child 3: Helen C Luckings

Name: Helen C Luckings
Sex: Female
Spouse: Gary A Salmon

Note on Husband: Frank E Luckings

1957 telephone directory, Horley, Smallfield